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Enabling Enterprise Visibility and Agility

The OpenText ProVision enterprise modelling environment enables you to model and visualise your entire enterprise. This results in a clear understanding of the cause-effect relationships between business strategy, business processeses and the systems and technology that support them.

Enterprise visibility and the resulting business and IT alignment are the foundation for true enterprise agility.

Breadth of Coverage

OpenText ProVision addresses your Enterprise ArchitectureBusiness ArchitectureProcess Architecture and Data Architecture challenges.

The tool supports you in the discovery of all dimensions of the enterprise:

  • Strategic Planning;
  • Business Process Modelling and Documentation;
  • Business Process Improvement and Simulation e.g. (Lean) Six Sigma;
  • Requirements Analysis and Design;
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Whilst OpenText ProVision and Knowledge Exchange are designed to be easy to use, drawing on the experience of Kipstor consultants who have successfully implemented and run projects using the software provides a solid foundation in modelling techniques and best practices.

Overview of our OpenText ProVision Services

Kipstor provides the following consultancy and learning services with regards to OpenText ProVision.

OpenText ProVision / Knowledge Exchange Installation Services

Kipstor’s experienced consultants install and deploy the software:

  • OpenText ProVision Floating License Server (FLS);
  • OpenText ProVision client software;
  • OpenText Knowledge Exchange server software.

ProVision / Knowledge Exchange Collaboration & Governance Services

Working in a multi-user collaborative environment demands establishing a formal governance framework for model development. This includes repository structure and lifecycle, security model, owner- and stewardshitp etc.

Foundation OpenText ProVision Training

Kipstor offers two 3-day foundation training courses for OpenText ProVision:

  • OpenText ProVision Business Process Analysis (BPA);
  • OpenText ProVision Enterprise Architecture (EA);
  • OpenText ProVision Business Architecture (BA);

Kipstor conducts also tailored, expert training courses for OpenText ProVision. Contact us for more information.

OpenText ProVision Consulting Services

One of the great strengths of OpenText ProVision is the ability to customise the modelling environment to meet individual client requirements.  This includes defining the modelling standards for the ‘look and feel’ of the models as well as a structure for building them. Defining the modelling foundation is a key success factor in building a modelling capability.

Kipstor can advise on and develop a suitable framework for modelling and provide guidance as to how the client can modify the framework when requirements evolve over time.

In addition to this enterprise modelling framework, Kipstor can help organisations with customised Analytics & Reporting using OpenText ProVision tool to support businesses making informed decisions.

So, we’re happy to provide our expert OpenText ProVision Services in case you need help with

  • defining your custom modelling language and meta-model
  • developing process standards and guidelines
  • modelling your organisation’s business capabilities, processes, business rules, requirements, data, or systems
  • documenting and publishing your ProVision models
  • analytics and reporting of your controlled ProVision modelling environment

OpenText ProVision Advisory Services

Kipstor has found that clients consistently derive significant benefits from on-going coaching and mentoring. Typically this includes experienced Kipstor consultants working closely with users to develop and publish their first models, then following up with regular reviews and guidance as users develop subsequent models.  Quality assessments or reviews, guidance meetings can be carried out on-site or via online sessions. 

To discuss how Kipstor can help you with OpenText ProVision, please contact us on +44 203 126 49 62 or by email to and we will contact you.

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