Decision Architecture


Kipstor's expert business decision architects specialise in business decision management and enterprise decision management.

We help customers create joined-up views of the business decisions and business logic where previously there may have been multiple, disconnected initiatives, priorities and ways of working.

Unlike other providers, we don’t provide blanket, theoretical advice, instead we apply our experience to deliver practical and pragmatic solutions. We assess our customers’ circumstances and provide tailored training and advice to help set up in house capability and tooling.

Using the technique and methodology of The Decision Model we help managers, architects and analysts to document & model, to manage and govern, to validate and test, and, finally, to deploy and execute the business decisions and business logic.

We help our customers manage the full lifecycle of their business decisions and business logic using the concepts and principles of The Decision Model methodology.

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About Kipstor

Kipstor provides architecture consulting and managed modelling services and helps organisations develop quality, trusted and structured information that can be easily shared and disseminated to support better decision making and consistent communication.