About Us

Kipstor provides architecture consulting, SaaS products, software development and  implementation services and helps organisations develop capabilities to manage and share better information.

Mission and Values

Our Mission

We are an architecture consulting and managed modelling services company.

We help our customers access and share structured information to make better decisions and consistent communication.

In the context of Enterprise Architecture, we provide expertise to manage your change delivery agenda at the portfolio-, programme- and project-level.

In the context of Business Architecture, we provide expertise to objectively balance the competing priorities for change to understand and manage your business change agenda.

In the context of Process Architecture, we provide expertise to improve the organisation’s performance by modelling and analysing your business processes methodologically.

In the context of Decision Architecture, we provide expertise to simplify the organisation’s processes by modelling and revolutionising your business decision logic.

In the context of Data Architecture, we provide expertise to understand your compliance and data quality risks to meet your legislative and regulatory obligations. We provide the means to understand how to leverage your data to meet ever increasing expectations of your customers.

Our Values


  • Accountability: We take accountability for our actions
  • Authenticity: We do what we say we will do
  • Excellence: We aim for excellence and strive for simplicity
  • Respect: We respect the opinions of others
  • Trust: Trust is pivotal to our value proposition



Graham has been working on information systems and business design modelling for over 20 years. He is a user of specialist modelling tools, but is also a specialist who advises and helps organisations acquire and set-up these specialist tools. He knows how to successfully convert modelling methodologies and guidelines into these specialist modelling tools and how to transform unstructured data into structured and trusted information and insight.

Graham has applied their collective knowledge and expereince to derive practices and techniques used in the delviery of Architecture and Enterprise Modelling.


Bio – Graham Meaden

Graham Meaden is an international professional with 25 years of experience of business and technology change acquired in the Banking, Insurance, Government, Transportation, Energy and Retail industry sectors. Graham has provided management and design‑authority leadership on programmes and projects delivering solutions to end-user, consultancy and consortium organisations. Over a broad spectrum of technology, Graham has acted as a translator between business leaders and technologists. Graham has more recently co-authored Business Architecture – A Practical Guide


Business Partners

Kipstor partners with expert freelancers and organisations in an effort to enhance the value of our customer propositions in the field of Architecture and Modelling services.

For our Open Text ProVision training, business consultancy and advisory services we partnered up with leading Open Text BPM experts:

Exandor offers customized services in process discovery & modeling, BPM training & consulting, process audit and process maturity assessment.

Convedo is a trusted business process management and business transformation partner to the private and public sectors.

Proforma UK provide Business, Process, Technology and System modelling and analysis services – namely  modelling-tool supply, training, consultancy and professional services.

Active Countries

Kipstor is actively providing services in eight countries: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Namibia, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and The United Kingdom.